Crush Barricade

We offer steel crush style crowd control barricades which are designed to help maintain control of your crowd, without impeding on their event experience. With a black powder coated steel construction, this product is durable and offers an added level of safety, especially for larger outdoor events. Each interlocking section is 42” and can be configured using our corner pieces to surround stages at large events. More information

Bike Rack

All Stage has a large inventory of both 7’ V-feet style and 8.5” flat foot galvanized steel bike barricade for crowd control. These interlocking pieces can be used to contain crowds in a designated area, set a perimeter and help maintain order at your event. More information

Rope and Stanchion

We offer traditional chrome rope and stanchion in several colors including red, black and blue for a professional look indoors or outdoors. We also own a large inventory of retractable airport style TSA barriers which can be used for line formation and to corral guests at larger events. Rope and stanchion can be used for effective crowd control or to add that VIP atmosphere to your event. More information