Washington D.C. and the metro area are not just the nation’s capital, but also a key hub of corporate and other large-scale, big-budget events. The organization and execution of meetings, conferences, seminars, and similar events constitute a multi-billion-dollar industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted in 2018 that between 2016 and 2026, the industry will grow by 11 percent in the U.S.

It’s a serious business, as you can see, and event organizers rely entirely on having reliable, experienced, and professional partners to supply their key needs. This is where All Stage & Sound comes in. Below we’ve listed many of the common, in-demand audio-visual services that a corporate event needs, accompanied by some detail on how All Stage & Sound makes the magic happen.

Audio Support

You can’t get your message across if you don’t have proper audio support. Every detail needs to be right so that those attending the event a) can hear both the speaker clearly, and b) don’t have their eardrums assaulted by feedback noise. Balance and expertise are everything when getting proper audio. The same goes for live music or backing tracks, everything has to be cued, leveled and ready to go. It’s a make-or-break factor for any event.

All Stage & Sound has you covered with our full range of speakers and microphones to give voice and volume to all events, whether it be a panel of speakers or a live band. You can rely on our expert team to make every note, every word, every sound on cue.

Video Production Services

Speeches, banners, and images don’t cut it in the current world of video-on-demand and an unshakable desire for visual stimulation. A video presentation is now the key to grabbing and keeping people’s attention and making your content pop. A successful event of any kind will need top-notch video display equipment at varying scales to suit different audience sizes.

Not a problem for All Stage & Sound! We can use our inventory of large video monitors and high-powered projectors to not just display your video but allow it to shine and dazzle your guests. If you need video projection mapping for larger video displays, we can also provide this. LCD monitors include 42”, 60”, 70”, 80” and 90” sizes, and projector screens also come in a variety of sizes. Just let us know what you need.

Video Recording

Who would want to go to the trouble of organizing and funding a huge event, but then have no video record of it? A good event needs people using professional quality cameras to capture the highlights and key moments to serve as a proper record and promotional material for the future.

All Stage & Sound’s team includes camera operators who are specially trained for both indoor and outdoor event recording. We use state-of-the-art Canon H.D. cameras to capture high-quality video recording. We also provide IMAG services for larger events; ensuring all your guests have the best seat in the house. We won’t miss a single moment!


At the heart of any event is the stage. It’s where the bands play, where the D.J. spins, where the MC operates, and where panels are seated. No event is complete without a proper stage designed for space and support. Furthermore, the stage, ideally, will be customizable to suit unique venues or performances that will take place on them.

What kind of staging do you require? A small stage good for a seated panel? Something tiered for a key photo op? How about something bigger for an outdoor event? All Stage & Sound has a large inventory of Biljax multistage steel decks that can get the job done. We can also easily accommodate custom orders — including specialty colored carpet and vinyl flooring products — so just let us know your needs, and we’ll help you stage the perfect corporate event.

Dance Floors

Who says a corporate has to be all starched shirts, name tags, and discussion panels? A great event needs a fun element as well, and one great idea is an after-party where guests can let their hair down and enjoy live music or a D.J. and get their groove on. If this is going to be a part of your event, then you need to have a dance floor on hand and ready to go.

Did somebody say “dance floor”? Check. If your event will include a band or D.J., then we’ll help you set the scene with our vinyl Snaplock dance floor. It can be installed in any size to fit any space, even for larger venues. The dance floor comes in black, white, and faux-teak finishes.

Pipe and Drape

Whether you’re staging an auction or hosting a press event, pipe and drape can offer a clean backdrop for your camera shot or add instant ambience to an otherwise bland venue.

At All Stage & Sound, we understand that pipe and drape, though a simple tool, is nonetheless an invaluable one with many applications. We have a stock that includes several color options and finishes perfect for changing the size and appearance of nearly any space.


So what else do we need once we have the sound, stage, drape and video support? Oh, that’s right, we need lighting! None of the above means too much if we can’t light the event properly, especially the main stage.

We say, “Let there be light!” All Stage & Sound offers stage wash and uplighting packages for different event types. Our wireless LED uplights, for example, can instantly transform a space into whatever atmosphere you need to create. Just let us know your color needs and style options, and we’ll create the perfect package for your event.

If you’re hosting an event in the D.C. Metro Area, then make All Stage & Sound your partner to provide you with the key support in audio, staging, lighting and more that will help your event become the highlight of the season! Contact us today for more information and to make bookings.