A wedding is not just a regular party. You can’t just slap one together with some food, a hall, and an iTunes playlist on shuffle. It is a special occasion, regardless if it is your first marriage or a ‘bonus’ marriage. People want to remember their weddings for the rest of their lives.

The key is to get the details right. Some things will stay the same such as the ceremony, participants, family members, meal, flowers, venue, and drinks. Let’s take these things as a given. To create a memorable wedding in the Washington D.C. metro area, you need a professional and experienced partner to help you with sound, stage, and lighting.

Let All Stage & Sound be that partner. Our array of wedding support services will help take your wedding to the next level, no matter what style you are going for. You might have a big swing band in a classic hotel location, or you may opt for a D.J. in a less conventional setting. We’ve got you covered. Take a look at the examples of audio, stage, lighting, and other support we can offer for your event.

Audio Support

Your wedding will likely have various needs for audio support. First and foremost, are your vows. Next, you will need to consider the rehearsal dinner and reception. During these events, you will need superb audio for the music, as well as any toasts to the happy couple. These are essential moments that call for high-quality sound, no feedback noise, and a balanced level that creates the right atmosphere.

Our sound systems will enhance every word of that memorable day from the best man’s toast to your first dance as a married couple. If you lean toward the traditional father-daughter dance or the contemporary mother-daughter dance, you can be assured every special moment will have crystal clear audio. After all the pomp and circumstance is finished, the crisp sound of music is sure to get your guests moving.

Dance Floors

You can have all the music you want, but without a proper dance floor, it’s difficult for people to get in the mood. No wedding is complete without a dancefloor. Whether you’re enjoying a waltz or doing the Two-Step, your guests want to dance!

Our extensive inventory of vinyl Snaplock dance floors comes in a variety of colors. We’ll provide you with the perfect flooring to tie the room together and make the party come alive.


Who thinks of lighting for a wedding? You might need it more than you think. How will you create an atmosphere on the dance floor once the party starts? How will you create an ambiance during the dinner, or when toasts are being made? For any of these highlights, you need exceptional lighting.

All Stage & Sound offers stage wash, uplighting, and a variety of other light fixtures that will create an instant atmosphere to match your desired mood or theme. Don’t let something as simple as lighting ruin your special day.

Pipe and Drape

Do you need a space at the wedding, especially for indoor photos, or a backdrop around the head table? Our selection of pipe and drape can immediately alter the look and feel of a space.

We offer a range of colors and finishes to fit seamlessly with your venue. You might never have thought of something like this, but when you consider the space, you might find that pipe and drape helps create a definitive zone or area for some specific purposes at your wedding.

All Stage & Sound is your best partner for your D.C. Metro weddings. A memorable wedding is about getting the fine details right. Often, stage, lighting, and sound are overlooked. There’s so much to do for the big day. Let us take off some of the load and help make it a day to remember.