Since the heady days of Woodstock back in 1969, the festival industry has grown into a multi-billion-dollar sector. Currently, there are around 800 music festivals that happen across the country. Some are small, localized events, whereas others are major large-scale happenings with attendance in the hundreds of thousands. 

Organizing a festival in the Washington D.C. area is a serious undertaking with a lot of moving parts to consider, such as venue, accommodation space, vendors, artists, and much more. Another critical element is audio, visual, and staging support. You can’t have a festival without a stage and sound!

All Stage & Sound are your best partner in the D.C. area for support in your upcoming festival. Below we’ll detail some key areas of audio, visual, and staging support that must be considered when organizing a festival.

The Stage

The vast crowds that typically gather at festivals will not be happy if their beloved acts are not visible on a high-quality and safely constructed stage. The bigger the event, the more stages you may need, in varying sizes. 

You’ll need a large center stage for your headline acts, the focal point for the entire event, and where the majority of your crowd will gather. Besides that, you’ll likely need smaller satellite stages where minor acts, supporting shows, interviews/panels, and other things might be happening.

Our fantastic range of Stageline SL-series mobile stages offers a vast array of sizes to service nearly any size event. The 16’x20’ SL75 is the smaller size, and they run up to the 40’x40’ SL320s at the top end, with each size being expandable by adding stage deck panels. It could be a small community block party or a significant event graced by nationally renowned acts. We’ve had experience supplying them all. Let us know your stage number and size requirements, and we’ll do the rest.

Besides the principal stage set up, you might also require some extra features, like on-stage drum/keyboard risers, VIP platforms, front of house platforms, load docks and ramps, spot towers, and monitor wings. These are easy to overlook if you’re running a festival for the first time, or are expanding your festival to include multiple stages and acts and welcome more fans. 

Fortunately for you, All Stage & Sound has been in this game for over 20 years. We will ensure that your stage can be kitted out with everything it needs to make your festival performances go off without a hitch.

Audio Support

You can put all your acts onto the right stages, but without proper audio, you can be sure that no one will hear them. Unreliable or poor-quality audio support can truly make or break your festival’s reputation. Your audience is there to listen to bands, DJs, and great music, not just to see them in the flesh. Both your center stage and your smaller auxiliary stages need reliable support, and you’ll need a professional partner able to integrate high-quality audio into every stage and space seamlessly.

The flown line-array speaker systems offered by All Stage & Sound integrate perfectly with the stages we mentioned above, bringing crystal-clear sound to your event. Our engineers bring years of experience to bear and have worked with events of all sizes and scales. No job is too small or large for us to master.

As the festival industry grows, competition for ticket sales, attendance, and attracting performers also intensifies. A reputable event will offer their visiting artists a secure, spacious, and well-constructed stage area, as well as clear audio support, free from annoying feedback, static, and other interference. 

Equipment needs to be set up for a quick and smooth transition of artists and their instruments from one performance to the next. As veterans of many a festival and large-scale event, All Stage & Sound is exceptionally equipped to supply your needs and ensure that these primary stage and audio standards are guaranteed. This leaves you able to focus on those fine details that make your festival stand out from the competition.

If you’re planning or currently organizing a festival in the Washington D.C. area, contact All Stage & Sound today to learn in more detail how we will take care of your staging and audio needs.