Every event is unique and will have its own set of audio requirements. Whether you require flown line array, stage monitors, or clear audio for your CEO’s address, we can provide the audio support you need for a flawless event. Our team of professionally trained audio engineers is experienced in producing events using Yamaha digital mixing consoles in conjunction with our full range of professional grade speakers including K-Array Pinnacle series, JBL, and QSCs. Our wireless and wired options provide sound coverage for any venue from private homes to large museum spaces to widespread outdoor areas.

Our JBL Vertec 4487 and 4888 speakers deliver unparalleled sound quality for a wide range of events. Delivering high-quality audio for both festival and corporate settings, these speakers offer coverage for large crowds.

Our familiarity with the electrical power layouts and specific acoustic challenges for so many venues in Washington DC and the surrounding areas allows us to guide our clients through the process of hosting an event in any space. Our years of expertise and experience puts will truly keep you above the crowd.