Everyone knows that a school is more than just a place kids go to learn each day. It is the vital center of the family community. It is a central hub for events such as sports, fundraisers, plays, and graduations.  

The school year will be littered with essential events. If you are the head of the school or chairman of an event committee, these events fill your head with worry. You fill yourself with stress over the many finite details necessary to make your production go off without a hitch.

In a single year, a school will hold many important events, such as those designed to raise crucial funds — auctions, dances, carnivals, and more. Let’s not forget the keynote event toward the end of each year -graduation! Graduation is what every family has been working toward for several years, and so great importance must be placed on it. 

All school functions require a great deal of thought and preparation. If you’re planning an event, large or small, in the D.C. area and need support with audio, visual, or staging elements, then look no further than All Stage & Sound.

Below we’ve detailed the precise areas in which we can offer essential support that will help your event stand out in a time where people’s expectations are higher than years past.


No matter the event type, it’s highly likely that you’re going to need support with audio. You will need microphones for your guest speakers or performers and a flawless speaker system that minimizes feedback and offers clear sound for all guests to receive your message. 

For most parents and students, the importance of an event like graduation cannot be understated. It is an affair where lifelong memories and friendships are forged. It is the end of an era — the beginning of your child’s adult life. There’s nothing like poor-quality audio, or feedback, to ruin this momentous occasion.

At All Stage & Sound, our range of indoor and outdoor PA systems provide audio coverage for venues of almost any size. Tell us your venue’s dimensions, and we will tailor the perfect sound infrastructure to ensure all of your guests hear and enjoy what’s happening on stage.

Video Production

Such events are key milestones in the school year, as well as being the foundation of great memories that families, faculty members, and students treasure for a lifetime. This means you’ll want to think about video production elements that will help the event come alive. 

Let’s say, for example, that you’re planning a fundraising auction. It seems easy enough to arrange a room, some chairs, and a volunteer auctioneer, as well as some great things to sell off for the cause. But will that really do?

Some auction organizers are now making use of great programs like Bidpal Mobile Bidding to make the experience more enjoyable for those in attendance. The problem might be, though, that you’re not sure how to integrate such a program into your event. That’s where we come in. All Stage & Sound’s team of video technicians will help you seamlessly incorporate such features into a live video presentation to make your event interactive and unforgettable.


Most schools indeed have an auditorium and stage area, but that area might be inadequate for your community’s needs. What if you need to take the event outdoors because of space issues? What if you need additional space for a band or other performance but can’t move the podiums or backdrops from your main stage area?

For all these questions and more, All Stage & Sound has you covered. If you need a stage for your graduation, a raised platform for your auctioneer, or a separate stage for a band, dance performance, or another event, then we can make it happen. 

Our Biljax multistage decks can be assembled in any size and height to fit the event and audience requirements. Furthermore, we can also use pipe and drape, possibly paired with uplighting or existing stages, to create dedicated areas for photography, or to add ambiance or formal “pomp” to your event. You tell us what you need, and we’ll get right on it.

When standards are rising, you too, have to rise to the challenge. We can provide the platform for which you can raise your game to new heights. Don’t let your next school activity wallow in mediocrity. Get support from All Stage & Sound and see the difference.