How All Stage and Sound makes your Fundraising Event One to Remember

Fundraising events are essential to many organizations’ health, especially charities and other non-profits. It takes a delicate balance of things to get the events just right – a strong mission statement, engaging but not overly distracting entertainment, a dash of the wow factor, and, finally, the right fundamentals with stage and sound. 

All Stage and Sound is your perfect partner for fundraising events in the Washington D.C. metro area. Below we’ll explain in detail the services we offer that will make your fundraiser the event of the season, even when up against the stiff competition this area brings out.

What support can All Stage and Sound provide to your next fundraising event?

Large-scale Audio Support

All Stage and Sound is a go-to for many big names in the region. We cater to any scale of event, whether it be a march on the National Mall to a smaller indoor charity event. Every event needs crisp, clear audio that allows your guests to hear and hang on your every word. In our years of operation, we’ve worked with prominent charitable organizations, including (but not limited to):

  • The American Heart Association
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Best Buddies International
  • Prevent Cancer Foundation
  • AARP
  • So Other Might Eat (SOME)
  • American Cancer Society

These partners and others know they can trust All Stage and Sound to meet the highest audio standards and create a reliable and quality package to convey their message and keep their audience engaged and informed.

Mobile Stages

It’s quite common now for fundraisers to host a band or other entertainment. It’s a part of the wow factor that helps make any fundraising event stand out and become one of the season’s most memorable (and practical) events. All Stage and Sound offers a full range of Stageline SL series mobile stages, including a variety of sizes to suit your needs. 

Maybe it’s a small-scale affair, but you need a performance area or room for the emcee; look no further than our 16’x20’ SL75 stage. On the other hand, you might be having a giant blowout with multiple acts, screens, an enormous guest list, and a large cache of balloons stashed in the ceiling somewhere; the 40’x40’ SL320 is the one for you. With the largest fleet of mobile stages in the region, we have you covered.

Video Camera for IMAG

If you’re planning an event with a big audience, then there will be several guests sitting far from the stage. To accommodate these guests, you’ll need HD camera recording with IMAG to be sure that those at the back aren’t just seeing some blur talking on stage. Fundraisers are about connection and message. When all of your audience can see your speakers’ face, expressions, and mannerisms, that’s when the message gets across.

Why is audio and visual production important for a fundraising event?

Why does any of this matter? Can’t you just make do with a regular PA system? Do you really need a stage? Let us make a case for pulling out these stops for your next event.

Competition is stiff – you have to stand out

If there’s competition in fundraising events, then D.C. is where the ultimate league players come. The world has no shortage of causes, and the many organizations that rally and raise money for them. 

If you want to stand out, you have to do more than stage an event. You have to create an experience; a connection. For that, you need an experienced and highly professional partner to take care of the fundamentals like audio, video, and staging.

A good balance helps improve your donations

Many events get it wrong when it comes to audio. They either drive guests outside with a band that plays too loud during dinner or they annoy guests with poorly balanced microphones creating feedback and other awkward audio-visual moments. 

What the microphones sound like might seem like a small matter when you’re thinking about raising money for a good cause, but if you’re serious about your efforts, then you’ll take all these aspects seriously as well. If you can’t understand the presenter, it’s just noise.

Success needs investment, but you needn’t break the bank

As the old adage says, “you get what you pay for.” While it does seem counterintuitive to spend more money on a fundraising event, you will thank yourself when your high-quality event attracts larger donations and more long-term support from grateful guests and newly inspired supporters. 

Consider your event an investment on behalf of the cause for which you created the fundraiser. Having said all that, you needn’t break the bank. A partner like All Stage and Sound can tailor the package to maximize both quality and good value.

Stage, sound, and video are fundamental – get them right, and everything else will follow

While you’re focused on your mission statement, guest list, menu, and a suitable venue, it’s easy to forget the essential fundamentals like stage and sound. 

An excellent way to make sure that an event goes smoothly is to first deal with these most basic things. You may want to book your stage and audio before you can even think about a band or an emcee.  

In the event planning stage, if you get the fundamentals right first, the rest will steadily fall into place.

Fundraising is a big industry, and you need experienced and well-equipped industry partners who can provide you with the right services to make your event successful. At the end of the day, it’s still about donations. 

At All Stage and Sound, we will always do our part by providing the audio-visual foundation that makes your event go off without a hitch, or screechy feedback loop.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your next fundraising event in the Washington D.C. area a runaway triumph.