When you are building or opening a new facility, department, or office location, it is a rather auspicious and memorable occasion. Both breaking ground and cutting that oversized ribbon when you open your doors are vital first impressions that you are making on a discerning public; and even more discerning investors. For many, if such an event doesn’t go well, it’s a red flag on your competence to manage other things.

There are, of course, many elements involved in setting up a successful ribbon cutting or groundbreaking ceremony. It’s not just a question of getting a shovel, or a red ribbon and some scissors from the kitchen. You may have speeches, a video presentation, a band, or other scheduled entertainment. The list goes on. 

For these things, you’ll need audio, video, and staging support from a trusted supplier in the Washington D.C. area. This is when you call All Stage & Sound for help. We are ready to be your perfect partner in supporting your upcoming Grand Opening!

To illustrate how our support can help make your event successful, let’s look at some typical features of Grand Opening ceremonies. We will follow it up with how All Stage & Sound can provide you with unbeatable support in these areas.

Audio features

A groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting ceremony will include a speech by a key member of your organization, or a guest speaker such as a benefactor, celebrity endorser or local expert. The setting can also be very different. You may have background music playing, or a live band performing. You’ll need microphones, speakers, and other equipment, and you’ll need to be sure that wherever you are, all members of the audience will hear your message clearly.

All Stage & Sound can help you pull off a flawless ceremony that will set the tone for your new venture. Our audio support equipment is backed up by the years of experience shared by our engineers, who will give you crystal clear audio in any setting.

Video support

If your ceremony is large and you have many in attendance, or if you have an outdoor event where you can’t project onto a screen, then you’ll need video support as well. 

It is common practice to display basic company information or close-ups of key speakers for your event. You may also want to include a slide show presentation introducing your organization, your mission, and your history. 

Such a monitor display can significantly enhance your audience’s experience, as well as better transmit your message. Furthermore, you’ll likely want a video recording of the event to use in future showcasing or for promotional purposes. It is a grand occasion, after all!

Whatever video support you need, All Stage & Sound can provide LCD monitors in a broad range of sizes up to 90 inches to give your audience a high-definition vision of your message. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact that these additional monitors can have in helping your event run smoothly. 

The audience that feels connected and aware of what’s going on is a more engaged and appreciative one. Finally, our trained camera operators will record your event and provide you with the stunning footage shortly after your event is over.

Speeches and performances

It’s one thing to provide stellar audio for your occasion, but don’t forget about staging. Any professional event needs quality staging and related accessories to add both a strong foundation and polished finish to your groundbreaking event.

All Stage & Sound can give you a custom stage in any size or height configuration, depending on your event’s location. Choose a small stage that elevates and focuses your main speaker, or go for something more substantial that can fit an entire orchestra. It is your event, and we are here to support you. 

Extra touches like podiums also add a great sense of occasion to the event. Choose from our inventory of traditional-look polished wood podiums, or our more contemporary lucite lecterns. All podiums will provide the perfect place for your speakers to stand and speak confidently, and even accentuate the message they are trying to relay. The podium is a great platform from which to make your brand/logo more visible.

The “cutting” itself

If it’s a ribbon-cutting you’re organizing, then that should be your focal point. The moment you cut the ribbon is the part that photographers and videographers must focus on to display on any media content. This moment needs to be as visually impacting as possible.

Don’t worry, All Stage & Sound is here with up to 8 pairs of our giant ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors. They are the ideal extra accessory to top off your event and make that that critical media shot one that helps you stand out from the competition.

In summary, there is clearly a lot to think about when it comes to both ribbon-cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies. You need a partner with the equipment, inventory, expertise, and professionalism to give you support in the pivotal areas of audio, video, and staging support that you might not be able to do yourself. With these things in hand, you can focus on your guests, the media, and other crowning flourishes that will make your event go off without a hitch.