Event Production in American University Park Washington, D.C.


When you’re planning an event in Washington D.C. Baltimore, or anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, and you want it to stand out. It’s hard to achieve the desired effect without at least a little help. To that end, you need an experienced and professional partner to help you get the details right — production, audiovisual, lighting, crowd management, staging, and so on. All Stage & Sound have a proven track record of creating successful events, and we can help you with every aspect mentioned above, and more.

Here’s how:

American University Park Washington, D.C. Production company

We cater to all kinds of events: corporate events, festivals, fundraisers, ribbon cuttings, groundbreaking ceremonies, school events, and any other kind of gathering that you’re planning. Take advantage of our eclectic experience to make your event stand out from the crowd and be one that your guests never forget. From the dance floor to the lighting; from the microphones to the large-screen projection — no detail is too small.

Production company - American University Park, Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Sound Company

No event can be called successful if you don’t have crystal-clear sound behind it all. Is your guest band expected to play with no audio support? Can your emcee announce the next part of the event without a working microphone? We cover every detail so you can rest assured your message and music will be heard loud and clear.

American University Park Lighting Company

Effective lighting adds the proper atmosphere to your stage for your event. Lighting can be a detail that some planning an event forget until it’s too late. Fear not, All Stage & Sound have you covered. We are ready to help your event dazzle with our vast array of lighting options for all occasions.

American University Park Washington, D.C. Stage lighting specialties

We have several select options for lighting equipment that suit different venues and event types. Even if you don’t see what you want among our information, contact us and tell us what you need from your stage lighting, and we will work with you to create the perfect effect.

American University Park Washington, D.C. Crowd control

Whatever you need — durable crush barricades, bike racks, ropes, and stanchions or more — we have a great selection of these useful items to help manage the crowds at your event. They may seem like a minor detail to you, but we know that these make a huge difference in keeping your event ordered, safe, and running on schedule.

American University Park Washington, D.C. Equipment rental

You can also directly rent items from us for your event, including ADA ramps, dance floors, flooring, mobile stages, pipe and drape, red carpet, podiums…the list goes on. We are your ideal partner in all things event-based. Tell us what you need, and we’re on it!

American University Park Washington, D.C. Audiovisual services

A venue’s event space can wow people. A top emcee can get the crowd excited and a video presentation can get your message across succinctly and clearly. None of these things are possible without proper audiovisual support — lighting, and visuals to fill the space, audio support for the emcee, spot-on projection for your video production. All Stage & Sound, once again, has you covered.

Of course, there’s a lot to an event besides audiovisual support, lighting, and staging. But you need someone to handle these critical foundations for you so that you can focus on your guests, your cause, and your message. Let us handle the particulars so you can keep your mind on the event at hand. To learn more about how our services can benefit your next event, contact us today.